100% of all net proceeds go to the Entertainment Community Fund.

As of now, that donation amount is over $100,000!

Every so often we will post all of our financials online showing what we've generated in sales, what our expenses are and how much is left over to donate to the ECF. (Unlike streamers, we will share our data.) Expenses include materials, printing, shipping and general operational costs, but our goal is for approximately 50% of every purchase to go to the ECF.

On September 27, we posted our financials in a Twitter thread. A similar thread will follow every so often. 

The following WGA members have vouched for WGA Strike Shirts:

Zaike LaPorte Airey
Jesse Andrews
Dayo Adesokan
Matthew Aldrich
Chris Amick
Eric Appel
Laura Beason
Marissa Jo Cerar
Julia Cho
Lana Cho
Taylor Chukwu
Tripper Clancy
Leila Cohan
Julia Cohen
Lisa Takeuchi Cullen
Saeed Crumpler
Nicolas Curcio
Corey Deshon
Krystle Drew
Liz Elverenli
Emma Fletcher
Sarah Fogelman
Alex Fox
Kelly Galuska
Aron Gaudet
Chris Goodwin
Mark Hammer
Tate Hanyok
Blaise Hemingway
Craig Johnson
Mike Jones
Michael Jones-Morales
Jenn Kao
Bo Yeon Kim
Anna Klassen
Rachel Lewis
J S Mayank
Alan McElroy
Alex McNally
Ben Mekler
Jeremy Mittleman
Scott Neustadter
Hussain Pirani
Gita Pullapilly
Benjamin Raab
Barry Schwartz
Nick Thomas
Jeff Topolski
Amy Wang
Jessica Watson
Jenna Westover
Nora Winslow